Medical Terminology

Instructor: Freda Spencer, MA, BSN, RN

Email: [email protected]

Grade Level(s): 10-12

Credit: 2 units

Location: Virtual

Medical Terminology is designed to help students learn health care language. Topics are presented in logical order, beginning with each body system's anatomy and physiology and progressing through pathology, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventions, and finally pharmacology. Students learn concepts, terms, and abbreviations for each topic. Students interested in medical careers may take this class in conjunction with Intro to Health and Medical Science for a completer sequence.

The course includes an examination that confers certification from a recognized industry, trade, or professional association or a professional license from the Commonwealth of Virginia. This course is recommended for students interested in the following careers: Chiropractor, Mortician, nurse, therapist, medical office assistant, physician, pharmacy technician, dental assistant, radiology technician, vet tech. etc.