Introduction to Health and Medical Sciences

Instructors:  Mrs Angela Beasley & Mrs Becky Melton

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Website: Intro to Health & Medical Sciences

Location: Virtual

Grade Level(s): 10-12

Credit: 2 units

This course introduces the student to a variety of health care careers and develops basic skills required in all health and medical sciences. It is designed to help students understand the key elements of the U.S. health
care system and to learn basic health care terminology, anatomy and physiology for each body system, pathologies, diagnostic and clinical procedures, therapeutic interventions, and the fundamentals of traumatic and medical emergency care. Throughout the course, instruction emphasizes safety, cleanliness, asepsis, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency within the health care environment. Students also begin gaining job-seeking skills for entry into the health and medical sciences field. In addition, instruction may include the basics of medical laboratory procedures, pharmacology fundamentals, biotechnology concepts, and communication skills essential for providing quality patient care.

Students interested in medical careers are encouraged to take this course and Medical Terminology as a foundation for successful participation in Nurse Aide, Biotech, Forensic Technology, Practical Nursing programs and all other programs associated with the BCPS Governor’s Health Sciences Academy. This course is recommended for students interested in the following careers: Respiratory Therapist, PT/OT, Speech Therapist, Radiology Tech, Dental Assistant, Veterinarian, Med/Lab Tech., Physician Assistant, etc.